Friday's Ink Disasters: Wack Tats - The Worst Musician Tattoos in Existence


* Note: We did not do these!

Found this hilarious link of really bad tattoos on musicians & their fans who adore them a little too much. Here's a compilation of our favourite ones. Enjoy and have a good friday!

Unless Flo Rida walked into a tattoo shop and said "I want a portrait of a decomposing Jimi Hendrix QUICK!!"... someone did a horrible job.


Good News: The Game got a butterfly tattooed on his face and then realized it was a mistake.


Fat Joe has a tattoo of Tony Montana that looks looks like it was drawn by by a seven year old.


And last but not least.... theres Nelly. I'm GUESSING it's supposed to look like his skin is tearing open and you can see his heart. To me it kinda looks like we're staring downwards into a carton of pasta takeout.


I don't think we need a caption for this Michael Jackson tat.

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