Featured Jewelry: Uno de 50


It's a jewelry and accessories brand that was born in Madrid at the end of the 90's when a group of designers, headed up by Concha Diaz del Rio with an artistic and rebellious spirit, decided to create a collection of jewelry and accessories that broke the mold of what was in fashion at the time.

It was their way of introducing something different: design and creativity in their pure state with its own personality, without following the trends of the market.

The original idea, to create 50 pieces of each model, gave the name of the brand, apart from giving it an added value, each client who buys from the brand will have an exclusive piece, one of 50 in the world.

And that's how Uno de 50 was born.


Another important element for the brand is the 100% made in Spain philosophy. in the process of making Uno de 50 different metals are used, which are what achieve the texture that is so characteristic of the brand, eespecially given that the pieces are hand made one by one. The first step is always to put the metals through an anti allergy process followed by coating them in 15 micro silver.


Men's Collection
What was the pioneer brand in the masculine fashion jewelry sector in our country outdoes itself for the upcoming summer season with original ideas for men. From simple braided bracelets for the more classical man to bracelets bearing large buckles in the reclaimed camel colour for the more daring among them.