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Stingray Jewelry

What is Stingray Jewelry?
Designer Alan K. has created a large variety of Sterling Silver Jewelry that incorporates premium Stingray Leather in various colors. This type of jewelry has become a quite popular seller and makes a perfect gift for many occasions.

Many people believe that the Stingray Leather brings strength and power to anyone wearing it. It is also believed that the Stingray leather brings good luck and good fortune. Egyptians loved the durability and the beauty of the Stingray leather and they fashioned armor and other decorative items with it. These items were discovered in the ancient tombs of the Pharaohs. Samurai, including Han and Shogun, also often used the Stingray leather for armor as well as handles for their Samurai swords.

In the 18th century, French artisan Jean-Claude Galuchat fashioned the Stingray Leather for Louis XV into various commodities including sheathes, wig cases and snuff boxes. In London, an English artisan John Paul Cooper, took the Stingray Leather crafting to new heights. From 1899 to 1933 his studio produced nearly 1,000 artifacts veneered with Stingray leather including boxes, vases, frames and candlesticks.

Recently, the Stingray Leather has found its way to Sterling Silver fashion jewelry.

Our Stingray Leather Jewelry pieces are made only from the finest natural Stingray leather which comes from the Southeast Asian Seas. The process involves dying the Stingray pieces to create a wide selection of different colors. Most of our Stingray Jewelry comes in four different colors; they are Hematite, Red, Brown and Black. Keep in mind that due to the natural coloring process of the stingray leather, the actual colors may vary.