Featured Clothing Line: Casualties of Summer



"Casualties of Summer was founded in Summer of 2009 by Jordan Klein and Blayne Seigel. It is a Southern California based clothing line that is sold through out the United States and distributed across the world. Casualties aims to bring a different perspective on art in fashion, in an industry that is no longer dominated by the graphic tee. COS puts time and energy into every piece of art that they produce, so that it brings a provocative meaningful message across to the consumer. Casualties hopes that in a tough market they can create a niche look and be around to create quality and different products for now and the future." Mission Statement:
"COS has one mission and that is for you to love the clothes we produce, plain and simple. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel, just to make clothing that is comfortable and makes a statement about who you are. Support us as we will constantly bring you the best!"

See the shirts we have in stock on Casualties of Summer. Prices start at $70.