Enhancing Sexual Intimacy with Piercings


Intimate piercings used to be considered the mark of deviants; but as time and culture progress, people have become more comfortable with them. These kinds of piercings aren’t exactly mainstream, but they are much less taboo than they used to be even 10 or 20 years ago.

Nipple Piercings: Gaining or Losing Sensitivity?

People tend to shy away from nipple piercings for fear of losing sensitivity. This is especially concerning if the reason for getting the piercing in the first place is to boost sexual intimacy. Unfortunately, some people do experience less sensitivity afterwards, but this is usually because of a poorly placed piercing. For many people, nipple piercings can actually increase sensitivity. Women in particular often report positive sensory experiences.

Straight bars, captive rings and circular barbells with spikes are commons picks for nipple piercings. Many people swear by adding small weights via S-hooks to these piercings to experience even more sexual stimulation.

Genital Piercings for Men and Women

For men there are generally 11 types of piercings to choose from, including the extremely popular Prince Albert, and of course, the Reverse Prince Albert. Male piercings can be located anywhere around the genital region including on and around the penis, which is the most common area.

For women the Vertical Clitoral Hood piercing is the most popular choice due to the heightened stimulation and sensitivity most women experience. This piercing in particular is great for women with a recessed hood who find it difficult to adequately stimulate the clitoris during sex. Experimenting with different ball and bar sizes is also highly recommended as every woman is built differently.

Labia piercings are another common choice for women, though this is because of their visual appeal rather than any kind of physical intimacy benefits they might have.

Pleasure for Both Partners?

While most people get intimate piercings to increase their own sexual pleasure, one partner’s piercing can often have a positive effect on the other partner’s experience. The Prince Albert is an excellent example of this, where both men and women have reported experiencing positive stimulation from the piercing.

As with all piercings, it’s important do to your research and explore your options. It’s also important to know your goals; are you looking to enhance sexual pleasure or is this more an aesthetic thing for you? If you need some help figuring it out, feel free to contact us!

Image via Wiki Commons.