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While tattooing is our speciality, we offer a ton of other services & products at the studio:



Piercings are done in store by our piercing specialist, Steven. Depending on the type of piercing, location, and how busy the store is, the process can take anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes. We also have an entire display of naval rings, earrings, dermal anchors, gold pieces, plugs, tunnels, and an assortment of body jewelry starting from $20 and up.




We carry a ton of different brands with unique designs, quality materials and even some naked people. Expect to see everything from Swarovski crystals, studs, limited quantity items, or just plain cool looking t-shirts for both sexes. Shirts start at $70.

    • Dom Rebel • Spring • Winter


    • Casualties of Summer • Winter


    • Christofer Carrado


    • Robin's Jean


    • Salvage


    • Paris Police





With 16 different styles of jeans for both men and women, the selection is tremendous. Do you like your back pockets crystalized, studded, or rocked out? We've got that. You like your jeans a little more clean without the attachments? There's that too. Denims at Black Line Studio start at $150.

    • Robin's Jeans • Winter • More from Winter


    • William Rast


    • Maison Biblioteque





The glass displays house many of our jewelry pieces, ranging from inexpensive to the limited quantity pieces. You can find anything from necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other unique pieces, perfect as a gift for yourself or someone else. Both men's and women's jewelry range at any price, depending on the brand.

    • Scott Kay • Winter • Fall


    • Body Jewelry • Belly Buttons Rings, Nipple Rounders, Dermal Anchors • Naval piercings starting at $25


    • Uno de 50 • Starting at $150


    • Floro Necklaces • Starting at $90


    • Poison Ivy Belts • 70% off!





Masking the walls of the studio are beautiful art pieces by Jodaco.

John David Cowan, known in the art community as Jodaco (which is a combination of his three names - a mononymous pseudonym), - is a visual artist with an entirely unique style on the cutting edge of photographic art.

You can read more about Jodaco here.