Understanding the Difference Between an Ear Piercing and Body Piercing Gun


You're interested in getting a few piercings. The plan is to start with an ear piercing or two and see how things go. If you like the look, there’s a chance you will venture on to some type of body piercing.

What you may not know is that both body and ear piercing may be done using needles or guns. If you opt for a shop that uses guns, you’ll notice that they tend to use one design for ear piercing and a different one for body piercing. That’s because they are not exactly alike. Here are a few of the things you should know about each gun and why using the same one for all types of piercing is not the best idea. 

Designed for Different Types of Skin and Muscle 

Guns used for ear piercing as well as body piercing do rely on the use of needles. The general design includes a trigger mechanism that makes it easier to control the direction of the piercing. What differs is the type of needle used in each device. 

One design aspect that sets an ear piercing gun apart from a general body piercing gun has to do with a space to hold the earlobe in position. The ear piercing gun has such a space that can be adjusted to create a firm hold. By contrast, most body piercing guns do not have this feature. That’s understandable since it’s not always easy to grasp the body part in some type of vise-like component. Arguably, this would work for holding a nipple in position, but it would be difficult for any other body part. Even so, many professionals will not use a gun to pierce a nipple. 

What works fine for an ear piercing will not necessarily do for piercing a nipple, a nostril, or one of the more intimate areas of the body. That’s because the combination of skin, muscle, and cartilage differs from one part of the body to the next. 

It takes a great deal of skill to use a body piercing gun. Even so, there are risks present that cause some professionals to prefer using needles for any type of body piercing. One has to do with hygiene. 

It’s easy enough to properly clean the needles used for all types of piercings. Unfortunately, properly sterilizing a body piercing gun is not the easiest task. That’s one reason why some professionals may use needles alone or along with an ear piercing gun, but will only use freehand needles to perform other types of piercings. 

A Matter of Control 

Another factor that often distinguishes body piercing guns from ear piercing guns is the design. All of them will have a space to mount the right type of needle and there will be a trigger mechanism. What differs is how well the gun fits into the hand. That’s important, since being able to firmly grip the device will make a difference in how much control the piercing expert has during the process.

As you can imagine, body piercing guns come in several sizes. Depending on the area of the body that the client wants pierced, even the smaller ones may be a little awkward to angle perfectly. By contrast, angling a gun for ear piercing in Toronto is a relatively easy process. That’s one reason it’s used often at many department stores and similar outlets that offer free piercing along with the purchase of earrings. 

If you go to a professional tattoo and piercing shop, don’t be surprised if you have a choice between using needles or guns for ear piercing, but find that only needles are used for body piercing. Along with the hygiene factor, control of the device is often the reason for not having a body piercing gun on hand. 

Age and the Use of Piercing Guns 

When parents provide consent for a younger person to get a piercing, there is a good chance that the professional will recommend using a gun instead of a traditional needle. The reason is that kids are more likely to find it difficult to remain still during the piercing. While both approaches to ear piercing are done quickly, the gun seems to be a little faster. 

By contrast, many professionals prefer to use needles for both ear and body piercings for adults. That’s because they find it easier to remain still during the process. 

Does this lead to a difference between selecting a body piercing gun and an ear piercing gun? Assuming that the parent is going to allow the child to get a nipple piercing, the recommendation will likely be using a body piercing gun instead of needles. That goes back to the fact that the child may find it more difficult to remain still. In this instance, guns are more likely to be used for all types of piercings.

How About the Cost of Getting Piercings? 

Some may think that the expense associated with using body piercing or ear piercing guns would be different. While there are factors that impact the Toronto piercing prices associated with different kinds of work, the use of either gun is not among them. What is more likely to cause a difference in price is the location of the piercing. 

Ear piercing guns and body piercing guns require about the same amount of maintenance and upkeep. The disposable components that are only used once are so close in unit cost that most professionals don’t think about charging more for those parts. Instead, the focus will be on the location of the piercing and what safety measures need to be taken. 

The Comfort Factor 

Of course professionals want their clients to be comfortable while the piercing is underway. A gun used to perform an ear piercing is often considered to be a great way to get the job done with little to no discomfort to the client. That’s another reason why a professional may offer a customer the option of getting a piercing using needles or using a gun; the potential for pain is very low with either approach. 

Depending on the location of the body piercing, using a gun could increase the chances for discomfort. Some of that goes back to the difficulty of using the gun to create a piercing on certain areas of the body. When more time is needed for positioning and angling the gun, the process may take longer and the possibility of pain is increased. By contrast, using a needle for a body piercing is likely to be more comfortable for the patient as well as easier for the expert to manage. 

Which type of instrument would you rather use? Would you prefer your ear piercing to be done using a gun or a needle? Would you be fine with an ear piercing using a gun but prefer other types of body piercing to be done using a needle? Perhaps you’re not sure and want to get an opinion from an expert. 

Come to use and let’s talk about all the options for an ear piercing as well as any type of body piercing you are thinking of having done. We’re happy to go over the general process for ear piercing or any type of body piercing, including the equipment we recommend and why.  Intimately, our goal is to provide you with the body or ear piercing that you desire, and do it in the most safe and effective manner.