Contest Alert: Get Airbrushed for Halloween!


A little taste of primo airbrushing skills from BLS.

This year for Halloween, we have a very special treat to get you ready for a night of spooky fun. Black Line Studio is running a Halloween Airbrush Contest! If you follow us on social media, you will get the chance to enter to win a free airbrush session with Kevin, our incredibly talented airbrush artist. Make this the year you go all out!

A little while ago, we talked a little bit about why airbrush tattoos are the ultimate temporary tattoos. They are a great way to try out designs that you are still on the fence about. They are also great for special occasions and events like weddings and nights out when you just want to take your look to the next level. When done right, airbrush tattoos are a beautiful opportunity for creativity and self-expression.

If you are a performer or a cosplayer, you might already be familiar with airbrush tattooing and its magical ability to transform the skin. Think Jennifer Lawrence in X-Men. Before heading to set, Lawrence spent several hours in a makeup trailer getting airbrushed with blue paint to transform into Mystique.

Like actors, professional cosplayers also use airbrush techniques to make their cosplays as life-like as possible. Airbrushing is perfect for nailing those fine details, blending wild colors and creating fantastical textures, like scales, pulsing veins and feathering. It is visually trickery at its very best.