Celebrity Feature: The Houston Texans new quarterback has a big problem.


Spelling and grammar can be tricky—especially if you’re Brock Osweiler, apparently. The famous quarter-back got quite a bit of flack recently after he unveiled a pair of script tattoos. These were inked a few years back, and not until Phil Hecken, a contributor to Uni Watch, tweeted about the grammar mistake, was it brought into clear view.

The first of the two, which adorns the underside of his right bicep, reads, “Live Your Legacy.” Okay. So far so good. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

Sadly, it seems the football player was a little less lucky with the ink on his other bicep. It reads, “Live Life To It’s Fullest.” It’s amazing how often rogue apostrophes seem to sneak into tattoos. Just so we’re all clear here, the inclusion of the apostrophe means Osweiler’s tattoo essentially says “Live Life To It Is Fullest.” A mistake that, unfortunately, has an element of permanence to it.

Of course, this little misstep could have very (very) easily been avoided. As important as it is to think about the words, the imagery and the meaning of your tattoos, you also want to make sure the finished product is as good as it can possibly be.

This is exactly why at Black Line Studio, we take proofing and fact-checking very seriously. We double and triple-check any script work we do for this reason. We want you to be happy with the art we create for you, and that includes getting the spelling and grammar right. It’s only after plenty of proofing and your approval does any ink touch your body. It’s sort of like our very own script-security system.

There’s no way any rogue apostrophes are getting through. Your high school English teacher would be proud.

Image via Deadspin.