Celebrity Feature: Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez recently set out on her Revival Tour, an international concert tour during which Gomez will be performing 75 shows. In recent weeks, the singer announced a few special surprises for fans who make it out to the shows—seven surprises to be exact.

Gomez took to Instagram in mid-April to announce her brand new line of temporary tattoos. There are seven designs in the line, and they all happen to be replicas of the pop star’s own body ink. In her announcement she also hinted that she might be feeding a little tattoo addiction saying, “Each and every one of them mean so much to me. I have 7 tattoos (and counting).”

If you do have the opportunity to buy these temporary tattoos, here’s a rundown of the designs you have to look forward to:


    1. The roman numerals LXXVI for the number 76


    1. A music note (which is actually the very first tattoo Gomez got)


    1. A line of Arabic script that declares “Love Yourself First,”


    1. An Om symbol


    1. The letter G


    1. The word “Sunshine”


    1. The words “God Who Strengthens Me.”


Since announcing the availability of these temporary tattoos, Gomez has been spotted with a brand new one, so it’s pretty safe to assume her addiction is still going strong. While there’s still some speculation about whether or not the new tattoo is even permanent, there’s even more speculation about what the tattoo is actually of given that there’s only a few grainy pictures to prove its existence. The best guess? Fans believe it bears a striking resemblance to a music-loving character from My Little Pony that goes by the moniker “Vinyl Scratch.” If this new ink turns out to be of the permanent variety, perhaps we can expect to see it added to the temporary tattoo line on the next tour?