Celebrity Feature of the Month goes to Kylie Jenner

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At the ripe age of 18, it seems that Kylie Jenner has caught the tattoo bug—hard. It took Kylie just over six months to get inked with tattoos number one and two. The most recent addition is a unique take on a classic tattoo art style; word art. It features the word “sanity” written phonetically in red ink. The reality star shared a picture of her new tattoo on Instagram naturally captioning it “All red.”


There are a few theories floating around about why Kylie decided to go with this particular word. Some people get tattoos of words that represent big concepts or themes that permeate the many aspects of their lives. Others are drawn to words that encompass ideas and messages that they want to incorporate more of into their lives. It’s easy to see how someone like Kylie, who is heavily featured in the public eye, might gravitate towards a tattoo that serves as a reminder to stay grounded and whole.

Another interesting thing to note about her new tattoo is the reappearance of red ink. So far, she seems to be sticking to a bright, eye-catching shade of this colour for her tattoos. Back in August of 2015 Kylie debuted a minuscule red heart on her left arm.


Not so wild speculations suggest that the heart is a tribute to her boyfriend, Tyga, while other theories suggest the heart symbolizes her love for all of her family and friends. It wasn’t so long ago that the Californian rapper was in the news when word got out that he’d tattooed his girlfriend’s name on his arm. The year is still young, so who knows? Maybe Kylie will add Tyga’s name to her growing body art collection. Then again, the starlet seems like more of the minimalist type, and getting your boyfriend’s name tattooed on your body definitely isn’t a minimalist move.

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