Celebrity Feature: Adam Levine

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After six long months, Adam Levine finally revealed the finished state of his latest tattoo; and it’s no wonder it took so long to complete. The stunning tattoo is a full back piece featuring the most haunting angelic mermaid you’ll ever see clutching a massive skull. Rounding out the piece is the setting sun over choppy seas with a full blown sailing ship headed towards a sandy shore. The entire scene is framed in a crested-shaped border with a series of swallows swooping towards it.


Levine is no stranger to tattoos so it was only a matter of time before he added something this ambitious to his body ink collection. On his Instagram profle, the Maroon 5 lead singer credited tattoo artist Bryan Randolph as the master behind the piece.

While the inspiration for the tattoo is unclear (maybe the guy just really has a thing for mythological ladies?), what is clear is that there’s definitely some cover up action going on here.


The new ink completely eclipses two older pieces that previously took up real estate on his back: a pin up girl and a paw print with the words “Frankie Girl” scrawled underneath it- a tribute to his beloved golden retriever. While evidence of the older tattoos can still be seen upon closer inspection, the waves and the cloudy skies appear to do a good job of masking them. Of course, they’re only visible provided you’re able to pull yourself away from the mesmerizing angel-mermaid-skull-guardian. We love that Levine chose a more traditional art style this time around, as it complements the many other tattoos (we count at least 17) that adorn his body.

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Images: Behati Prinsloo via Instagram