Black Line Studio Named One of Toronto's Best Tattoo Parlours



Black Line Studio has been named one of Toronto's Best Tattoo Parlours by Canadian-based online men's magazine, DailyXY. Thanks to everyone for your support and we hope you come back for more tattoos!

Toronto’s Best Tattoo Parlours

Once the domain of sailors, Russian mobsters and Maori warriors, tattoos have become unquestionably mainstream. Even if you’re not committing to that full-neck scorpion – and you’re skipping this weekend’s Toronto Tattoo Show at the Hilton – you might be considering something subtle and tasteful. Before you take the permanent plunge, read this, our list of Toronto’s best tattoo parlours.

Black Line Studio
With hardwood floors, tasteful, framed art and silver jewelry in glass display cases, this downtown body art boutique appeals to Bay Street bankers and and hardcore biker types alike. It’s sterile only in the literal (and important) sense. 577 King St. W., 416-850-8227.

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