The best way to get a tattoo removed

Did your best friend want to try to tattoo you for fun so you said "sure, why not?!" 
Did getting a tattoo after a pub crawl while backpacking across South East Asia, in your early 20's, seem like a great idea at the time?
Did you really want a tattoo but you may have substituted artist quality for a better price, and now you're stuck with a less-than-idea result and you want it gone? 
If any of the above hit a little too close to home, don't panic, today there's a safe, incredibly effective way to remove your unwanted tattoos and we're happy to be able to provide that service here at Black Line Studios.
The method we use to get rid of your unwanted art work is through laser removal. In-house, we use the Spectra laser, the industry standard go-to for tattoo removal treatments across the world. This laser is currently ranked as one of the best manufacturers in the medical/cosmetic laser industry. 
You're probably wondering, if we're using lasers, doesn't that run the risk of damaging my skin? We're happy to say no, we make sure of that.  Here's a quick overview of how the process works...
Laser tattoo removal removes the appearance of your ink using a highly concentrated laser. This powerful, yet gentle laser, produces short pulses of light which targets the tattoo pigment, thus reducing any damage to the surrounding skin. 
While it may seem as if the laser itself is removing the ink, the process is much more in-depth. The laser merely breaks up the ink into fragments which is then carried off by the body’s immune system. To prevent skin damage, the laser removal treatment is usually carried out over several sessions, lightening the ink’s visibility more with each service until all the particles have been removed.
So, if you've been looking for a method to remove an unwanted tattoo that's been staring at you for quite some time, come in for a complimentary consult to learn exactly how quick we can help you out with achieving that goal. We've done hundreds of removals and our team takes the same care and attention with tattoo removal as we do with tattooing itself.