The Best Tattoo Trends of 2017

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Now that the new year is here, let's take a look back at the best tattoo trends of 2017. Plus, check out our predictions for 2018 and beyond.

There were some exciting tattoo trends of 2017 that wowed even ink haters. The quality of art has reached a new level of awesome.

Keep reading for the best trends of last year and what we hope sticks around in the coming one.

Mandalas and Lace

One of the tattoo trends of 2017 that isn't exactly new is the mandala. Mandalas have been around for thousands of years. Buddhist monks create beautiful mandalas out of sand.

They've become a trend in the art world, in coloring books and in tattoos.Their intricate designs have a connection with peace and the universe.

The impressive patterns of mandalas allow for creativity and individuality.

Lace is another trend that affords the same meticulous detail with a personal touch. It is often used as a backdrop or frame for the focus of the tattoo. It can add a sophistication that was lacking from the design.

Steampunk and Cyborgs

Again it's all in the detail. Steampunk and cyborgs are definitely among the top tattoo trends of 2017.

Shoulder, leg, and arm are popular places to exhibit large steampunk or mechanical art.

The 3-D effect of these tattoos can leave admirers awestruck. The attention to detail needed to create the right depth in the many facets of the tattoo takes great skill.

It's a versatile choice. Multicolor designs look impressive. Greyscale work incredibly well with bio-mechanical tattoos depicting metals and shadows.

3-D aspects of tattoos are realistic in black and grey but color accentuates the details. This is especially true with steampunk and cyborg tattoos.

Time Pieces

Another of the hottest tattoo trends of 2017 is Time Piece tattoos.

Pocket watches are being used to capture significant life moments. A child's birth to a wedding date to the date of an important loss frozen in time and art.

Other timepiece tattoos symbolize the precious passage of time.

There are various directions to take in this pocket watch trend:


    • mechanical showing the inner workings of the watch or clock.


    • one part of a more feminine tattoo with flowers or butterflies adding to the beauty of it.


    • a nautical anchor adds a sense of stability and symbol of strength.


    • adding words, an inscription or significant time to the design.


From Dali type watches to super realism, pocket watches are making as much a mark in tattoos as they do in art.

Geometrics and Kaleidoscopes

Geometrics and kaleidoscopes are not new tattoo trends for 2017 but they're going strong. A combination of simplistic angles and potential for detail makes them dynamic options.

Sacred Geometry is a particularly strong trend right now. Geometry shapes with a sacred meaning attached to their design and details.

The flower of life and a variation of it known as Metatron's cube are popular choices.

Water Color Tattoos

Watercolor tattoos are a softer and more subtle option when getting ink.

This has brought up some debate on whether this is a smart choice or not.

Many argue the softness of watercolors will cause them to fad quicker than other tattoos. This is countered by those who demand if the artist has the right skills and training it's manageable.

Vibrant, beautiful colors can be included in watercolor tattoos but you may need extra touch-ups.

Photo Realistic Tattoos

The more real it looks, the better it is. A pet, a face or objects brought to life on a person's skin.

Artists take incredible pride in their ability to create a realistic clone of the subject.

It's vital to do your research on artistic style before choosing your artist. There's nothing worse than a full arm artistic statement gone horribly wrong.

You don't want your tribute to your mom being mistaken for Groucho Marx.

Minimalist Tattoos Among Tattoo Trends of 2017

On the other end of the spectrum for tattoo trends of 2017 are minimalist tattoos. These tattoos are outlines or only basic details without any fuss.

Popular choices include the outline of a heart, maple leaf, teddy bear or elephant.

Sometimes less is more. Life is complicated, your tattoo doesn't have to be.

Words to Live By

This has to be one of the latest tattoo trends of 2017 if Kylie Jenner got one. Hip tattoos that are a word or quote.

Many prefer a quote from their favorite book, movie or celebrity.

Some make a social statement on mental health, humanity or life.

Dot Work Tattoos

As the name suggests dot work tattoos are a series of dots that form the artwork. Dot work can be intricate and impressive.

Rather than being filled with color, these tattoos have shading and color through dots of ink. It is also referred to as stippling. Each dot is strategically placed to add dimension and color to the design.

Cosmetic Tattoos

Tattoo trends of 2017 include one that's as much for convenience as for beauty.

Lives seem to be getting busier every day and we have less time to stand in front of the mirror putting on makeup.

Cosmetic tattoos give the perfect eyebrows, eyeliner or lip color without daily effort. The initial investment in the tattoo saves lifelong expenses on cosmetics.

Spas and salons have started offering these services but may not be performed by a tattoo artist with proper training and experience.

Size Matters

The tattoo trends of 2017 include extremes in sizes.

Tattoos that cover the chest and back revealed by Adam Levine and Ed Sheeran helped boost this trend. This increased interest in larger tattoos and made it almost a competitive sport.

Tattoo artists have been creating some of the most amazing inkwork imaginable.

Some don't want a full arm sleeve or to cover their back with mermaids, but they still want a tattoo. They go micro instead of a macro.

Small ankle, wrist, hip and neck tattoos remain a popular choice for those not ready to turn their entire body into a canvas.

They have a tattoo. It's a personal sign of strength or adventure but can see their elderly mom without reprisal.

What to Expect in 2018

Continuing tattoo trends of 2017 into 2018 you can expect to see more intricate and breathtakingly detailed work.

Other trends that seem to be popular heading into the new year are New School tattoos, pastels and even tattoos with a loved one's DNA in them.

Endeavor Life Sciences has developed a process to create a powder containing a person's DNA. This powder can be mixed with ink and incorporated into the tattoo.

New school tattoos have been a style that's been around since the 70's. They are gaining popularity again with a new generation of artists and fans appreciating them.

Blackwork is also gaining notoriety as a dramatic and striking tattoo style.

More geometric shapes, statement tattoos, and robotics should be expected. Artists continue to explore their creativity and gain more clients seeking out their unique style.

Be You

No matter what trends are hot the most important thing in choosing a tattoo is that it's you. This is something that will be with you from now on. A statement from you, on you. Choose your statement and your tattoo artist wisely.

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