32 Best Tattoo Ideas for Women in 2021


Tattoos are one of the most time-honoured forms of personal expression. Depending on the theme, a tattoo can convey a message to the world or serve as a reminder of something cherished or personal. If you’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo, you may be surprised at how many different approaches people use. Here are a few examples of tattoo ideas for women that will serve as inspiration. 

1. Going the Minimalist Route

Minimalist Route


There’s no rule that says tattoos have to be big and bold. You may prefer to focus on simple tattoo ideas that are considered minimalist. The fact that your tattoo is in basic black or relatively simple does not mean it has nothing to say. Sometimes less can say a lot more. 


2. Opting for a Flower Motif

Flower Motif


One of the most popular tattoo ideas for girls or women is to opt for some type of flower. The black rose carries a lot of meaning in many cultures. One of those meanings has to do with strength and a strong will tempered by compassion. If that fits you, a black rose may be the way to go. 


3. An Animal Theme

An Animal Theme


Wildlife or even domesticated animals may serve as the theme for your tattoo. Perhaps you associate certain traits or talents with an animal. For example, an owl is often a symbol for wisdom. Think about your strengths and decide if an animal tattoo would convey one of them. 


4. In Memory Of

In Memory Of


Both large and small tattoo ideas for women may serve as a remembrance of someone you loved that’s no longer around. It may be family member, close friend, or anyone who played an important role in your life. You don’t even have to include a name; something with a single word and some other element that conjures up the memory is enough. 


5. A Little Love

A Little Love


Whether you have a special love or happen to believe strongly in love, there’s no doubt that something with a Cupid design is great. Consider something like this, embellished with the name of your beloved. Who knows? These can serve as matching tattoo ideas that your loved one will like too. 


6. If It Makes You Happy 

If It Makes You Happy


Sometimes you want something more intricate that brings a smile to your face whenever you look into the mirror. Somewhat detailed sleeve tattoo ideas for women fill the bill. Remember they can have the look of a half-sleeve or a full one. It’s all up to you. The important thing is that the tattoo makes you happy. 


7. Your Inner Strength

Your Inner Strength


You’re a woman and proud of it. Why not celebrate with one of the female tattoo ideas that proclaim the inner strength you possess? A design that seems to look people straight in the eye will make it known that you’re a direct and strong person. 


8. Celebrating Your Convictions

Celebrating Your Convictions


Personal beliefs vary from person to person. Yours may serve as inspiration for a tattoo. They can have to do with spiritual matters, a personal philosophy, or make a political statement. It’s your belief, so feel free to use it as the theme for your tattoo. 


9. A Little Whimsy Never Hurts

A Little Whimsy Never Hurts


From simple small tattoo ideas to big and outrageous ones, coming up with something that’s really just for fun works well. If there’s some cartoon character that you love or some funny idea or joke that you want to share with the world without saying a word, try something like this. 


10. A Cause That Matters to You

A Cause That Matters to You


Is there a peace, environmental, or social justice cause that’s near and dear to your heart? A tattoo can convey that concern in a way that opens the door for others to ask questions. Even something as simple as this tree tattoo could attract attention from someone else who shares your environmental concerns and allow you to make a new friend. 


11. Body Art For The Hands

Body Art For The Hands


Who says that jewelry is the only way to dress up the hands? There are all sorts of cute tattoo ideas that will add visual interest to your fingers, palms, and other areas of the hand. Go with one tattoo or consider including several, depending on the type of statement you want to make. 


12. Hobbies and Interests

Hobbies and Interests


Everybody has something they like to do in order to decompress. Perhaps you’re an avid reader. A tattoo like this one will convey that hobby and may inspire someone to strike up a conversation about what you like to read. This idea also works with sports, music, and other hobbies or interests. 


13. Someone You Love

Someone You Love


Is there someone special in your life? If could be a romantic interest, a spouse, or a friend who means the world to you. Friend and family tattoo ideas abound, but many people like something simple, like the name of a loved one coupled with something that brings to mind happy memories. 


14. Your Special Place

Your Special Place


Is there somewhere you like to go and get away from it all? Keep that place close even if you can’t physically go there right now. A tattoo with a beach or mountain theme will remind you that it’s time to plan a few days away so you can recharge and return feeling more energized. 


15. Words Work Too 

Words Work Too


There’s no rule that says you can’t use words as the theme for your tattoo. It can be a single word or it could be one of your favourite quotations. As long as the word or string of words has power for you, then it’s an idea worth considering. 

Remember that there are plenty of stock tattoos to consider. If one of them is close but not quite what you want, a talented tattoo artist can add or change elements to create what you like. You can also go over unique tattoo ideas with an artist who gets the image in your head onto a sketch. Try one tattoo and see what you think. It may not be your last.

16. Looking to the Stars

For thousands of years, humanity has looked above to extract meaning from the universe. Adding the great expanse of space onto yourself tells the world you are an open-minded, free spirited person who is always ready to learn more. Whether it be the stars, the sun, planets or comets, the sky’s the limit, literally.

17. Explore the Journey

Everyone has gone through some trials and tribulations in their past that have made them who they are today. It’s never too late to honour the journey that led to the person you see in the mirror now. Regardless of all the ups and downs, the disappointments, and letdowns, you persevered and hopefully today, you’re in a better place.

18. Loud and Proud

Loud and Proud

Single words can always be impactful but when you combine them into phrases, you get language. Maybe there’s a phrase that truly resonates with you, a sort of motto that you tend to use when it comes to your view on life. Remember, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” (Lao Tzu - 6th to 4th century BCE).


19. Be the Rebel

You’ve never really fit in with the crowd, but that’s probably because you never wanted to. A true free spirit listens to no one except their own heart. Who cares if others look down on you for doing what you do, you’re doing what you think is better for you and at the end of the day, isn’t that what matters most?

20. Light as an Angel

Fly, fly free, fly as high as the eye can see and fly amongst the heavens so that you can be free. Angel wings have recently been a popular choice symbolizing an individual’s purity, courage, love, harmony, and willingness to protect. If you find yourself nodding your head to the following, why not take a weight off your shoulders by installing some wings?

21. Going Back to Our Roots

Are you proud of your identity, where you came from or any other significant event? You don’t just want any random tattoo; you want something that can define you. Maybe your zodiac sign can be a good choice or even the place where you grew up. Sometimes when appreciating how far we’ve come; one needs to take a step back and remember where it all began.

22. Soft as a Feather

Feather tattoos have always been a shorthand way of symbolizing a bird. It can stand for numerous things such as truth, courage, bravery, and freedom. The feather has been held in high esteem by the Native American Sioux tribe to symbolize the grandeur of the bald eagle. If you want to float free, then make yourself a bit lighter with a feather. Short, plain, simple, and sweet.

23. And Some More Love

And Some More Love

There’s always some more room for love. One of the most timeless symbols to exist has been that of the heart. It can be the source of the greatest of sorrows but also that of the greatest of passions. Being red hot and not afraid to take on a challenge will not always work out in your favour but you’re always one to stick to your guns and no one can take that away from you.


24. Clear as the Ocean

Calm, serenity, and tranquility. That is what you can imagine when looking out onto the sunset on the horizon in the ocean. You can watch as the seagulls cry and the sun rises over the ripples of the waves and you can feel as if heaven and Earth, even if just for a second, come together. That ocean can be your calling card as an entrance into the deep expanse of your soul, keep thinking big and be who you want to be.

25. Navigator Extraordinaire

Compass tattoos although not the first to come to mind have become more and more popular in recent years. They are meant to serve as good luck charms, a sort of protection and will always ensure that you stick to the right track in life and never lose your way. Everyone has a destination they’re trying to reach and you’ll always remember where you have to go.

26. Queen of the Jungle

You believe that you can bring about change, that you have big ideas and a big heart. Well good for you. A crown, perhaps on your neck, will tell you and others that you are a strong-willed, confident individual who isn’t going to be pushed around and knows her way around. Who says there should only be one Rosie the Riveter?

27. Henna Tattoos

A style of skin dyeing traditionally used all the way from North Africa to the Indian subcontinent dating back more than 3000 years, this ritual has become more and more widespread over time and its uses are as numerous as its potential designs. Henna has been used across cultures in weddings, as a way to ward off evil spirits or simply for fun.

28. The Beauty of Nature

Nothing quite beats Mother Nature and the staggering beauty of our planet is a hint to that. Has there been a place close to your heart, a natural landmark that you remember visiting that you still hold close to your heart? Maybe it was a hiking trip with your fiancé up Mount Kilimanjaro or a stay at a ski resort in the Alps, tattooing is an easy way to make sure you never forget the fun you had.

29. Coat of Arms

You’re someone who likes to save. Maybe it’s time, or space, or money. You want to be extravagant but at the same time leave some room. Coats of arms have been traditionally used for nations to describe their identities, histories, and values but no one has ever said that you couldn’t do one for yourself. A quick short summary of who you are, front and centre, it’s easy as that.

30. Anime Diehard

To all the anime fans out there, yes, we differentiate between anime and cartoon. You’re welcome. No matter if your favourites lie with the action of Dragon Ball Z or Naruto to show off your never ending determination and strength of will or perhaps a gentler side of you such as with romance classics like Your Name or A Silent Voice, you shouldn’t be afraid to speak out about what speaks most to you.

31. Matching Pairs

Maybe you have a partner that you want to share a bond with, not just spoken but instantly recognizable. A tattoo with two halves that always yearn to reunite with its lost half. Maybe an arrow pointing to the direction of its other half with the words: “I love this guy,” or a sentence that can only be finished when you two are side by side, when it comes to keeping it pristine, we’ll get the job done.

32. Tribal Tattoo

You want to have something unique, something that you don’t expect to be replicated by the person down the street. Tribal tattoos, especially those from Polynesia feature some of the most intricate tattoo work observed by archeologists dating back thousands of years. They were meant for warriors as a sort of protection but also a recognition of one’s social status and honouring of one’s heritage.