27 Cool Tattoo Ideas for Men in 2021


The idea of getting a tattoo has crossed your mind before; lately, it’s gotten a lot of serious thought. You’re ready to take the plunge, but you’re not sure what sort of tattoo would be right for you. Fortunately, there are all sorts of tattoo ideas for men that are worth looking into. Along with consulting with an artist, consider some of these ideas. One of them may be just right for you.

Mom Tattoos

If you’re a traditional type, going with one of the forearm tattoos for men that have been around for decades is a good move. Nothing says traditional like a simple mom tattoo. It can be the word “mom” in some type of script, the word encased in a heart, or several other approaches.

Ring Tattoos

You like the look of rings, but hate wearing anything on your hand. Why not tattoo on a ring instead? These hand tattoos for men can imitate the look of anything from a simple band to a signet ring. Choose the finish and style; the artist will take it from there.

Military Tattoos

Have you served in a branch of the military? Have a number of your family members served? Some type of military tattoo would be a good way to honour that legacy. Go with a single brand of the military or incorporate symbols for each branch with some connection to your family. You can bet that arm tattoos for men like this will be favourites for years.

History Tattoos

Is there a historical event that means a great deal to you? Consider a tattoo that stands as a memory of that event. It can have to do with your personal history, the history of your family, or an event that’s of local importance. It can even have to do with the country of origin or something else that means a great deal to you. This is among the most popular chest tattoos for men since it makes a great statement when placed on one of the pectoral muscles.

Quote Tattoos

Do you have a literary quote that you live by? Maybe there’s a saying that a parent or other loved one has used as far back as you can remember. Every time you hear the quote, it makes you smile, think, or triggers some kind of emotion. Consider a quote tattooed in a place where you will see if often.

Sports Tattoos

You’re an avid sports fan. Maybe you enjoy playing a certain sport when there’s time. Why not tell the world about your passion by using it as the topic for one of your sleeve tattoos for men? Make it a team name, the equipment used for the sport, or any other connection that you like.

Hunting Tattoos

Hunting is also something that you like to do. Why not use that as the subject for one of the small tattoos for men that you place on a shoulder, a wrist, or similar area? It can be the type of hunting you prefer, such as deer or quail. If hunting is not quite your sport but you do like fishing, go with the type of fish that you like to catch most often.

Animal Tattoo

Animal Tattoo - Pravin

Animals are often associated with masculine attributes like speed, prowess, or strength. Consider one of the neck tattoos for men that portray an animal indicative of some quality you possess. Bears, lions, and tigers are great examples. If you’re a deep thinker, something like an owl might do the trick.


Dog Tattoos

Dog Tattoo - PRAVIN

Men and their pets are often inseparable. Long after they pass on, they continue to own a piece of our hearts. You can memorialize your pets by creating tattoos from old photographs. If you’ve owned several dogs over the years, it’s easy to create a series of tattoos that feature each one. Best of all, you can add to the design in the years to come.


Heart or Romance Tattoos

Heart Romance - Pravin

A tattoo that proclaims who owns your heart is one of the most common types of tattoos that men get. Include the name of your beloved in the design; just make sure the name is spelled properly! You can go several ways with this, including intertwining hearts with both your names, or just the name of your spouse or partner. These make great shoulder tattoos for men as well as great choices for biceps.


Beliefs Tattoos

If you have strong religious or philosophical beliefs, consider using them as the subject for a tattoo. Go with a symbol representing that belief system or pick out some foundational principle that’s part of it. You can even include some type of quote that is unique to that tradition. This can be great as something to place on a forearm, the back, or even around your wrist. This is also one of the more popular sleeve tattoo ideas for men these days.

Scenic Tattoos

Have you been somewhere that’s become one of your favourite destinations? Consider a tattoo that draws on that place as the inspiration. It can be the mountains, the beach, the desert, or some city that you love. These make great back tattoos for men since it’s easy to use the entire upper back for the display.

Comic Book Tattoos

Comics stopped being for kids only decades ago. If there’s a character that resonates with you, why not use that as the basis for a tattoo? These can work in just about any setting, from the back of the hand to the neck. Among the small tattoo ideas for men, the image of your favourite superhero can be something that people don’t notice immediately. When they do, it can be quite a conversation starter.

Author Tattoos

Some authors capture your attention and influence your worldview. Their works can serve as the basis for all sorts of wrist tattoos for men. A quote by the author or one of the characters in a favorite novel or non-fiction work can be something you look at every time you feel at odds with the rest of the world.

Musician Tattoos

Music has been part of your life for as long as you can remember. It seems as if every major event in your life is brought to memory when you hear songs by certain artists. Why not use this is the inspiration for a tattoo? Song titles as well as images of bands or solo artists can make great leg tattoos for men that you’ll enjoy displaying.

Sports Figure Tattoos

Who is one of your all-time favourite sport’s figures? Grab a great image and use if as the basis for a tattoo. These types of tattoo designs for men also serve as great conversation starters, since other fans will readily recognize the figure.

Actor Tattoos

Actor Tattoo - Pravin

Performers that have inspired you over the years can also be the subjects of tattoos. From state to screen to television actors, choose one that has made you laugh, cry, or feel something. These simple tattoos for men will be easy for others to recognize and might lead to making a few new friends.


Cause Tattoos

Are you a strong supporter of human rights? How about a cause like homelessness? Share your convictions with others by sporting one of the cool tattoos for men that have to do with social causes. You may find connecting with kindred spirits a little easier.

Car Tattoos

Cars have been a hobby since you were a kid. What make and model is your favourite? Use it as the basis for a tattoo. Like others, you’ll find this approach leads to some of the most meaningful tattoos for men around today.

Club Tattoos

Do you belong to a civic club? How about some sort of local club committed to a specific purpose? That club logo could be the ideal inspiration for a great tattoo.

Kids Tattoos

Your children mean the world to you. How about creating a tattoo that ensures they are with you all the time? Many dads use their kids for half sleeve tattoos for men that are still around long after the kids are grown.

Foodie Tattoos

What’s your idea of the perfect meal? Make it the subject of a tattoo. From steak to the dessert of your choice, consider this the best tattoo for men like you.

Cartoon Tattoos

Cartoon characters are fun and make us laugh all our lives. As one of the most cool tattoo ideas for men, go with one that immediately conjures up memories of good times. Make it traditional or one that’s a little off the beaten path.

Intimate Tattoos

Not all tattoos are shared with the world. You may want something that’s just for you and your beloved. Such a tattoo inked in a discreet location can be anything that has meaning for the two of you.

Mythology Tattoos

A figure in Greek or Roman mythology may inspire you. If so, that figure can be the subject of your tattoo. View it as one of the little ways you remind yourself that you can make it through hard times.

Angel Tattoos

Many men believe in guardian angels. A tattoo that reminds you of that belief is a good choice. It can also be a subtle way to inspire others who may be feeling a little down.

Money Tattoos

Money may not be what you worship, but it matters. Have some fun and choose one of the tattoos for men that conjure of visions of prosperity. You may use it sometimes to remind yourself why you’re going to work today.

Remember that there’s no rule saying you can’t mix several subjects into a single tattoo. Feel free to explore the idea of a custom tattoo that includes two or more of the above. You can bet that an artist can help you come up with a design that’s the right look, uses the best colors, and is placed exactly where you want. Who knows? This could end up being the first of several tattoos that you get this year.