Artist of the Month: Tito Can Do It!

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Get to know our artist Tito – we like to call him the man of all trades.

He joined the Black Line Studio family just over a year ago and is an experienced artist in all tattoo styles – from basic to abstract, oriental, tribal to realism, black and grey to colour. You name it, Tito can do it (and usually peppered with humour and wit).


Growing up, he surrounded himself with creative outlets not limiting himself to visual art. By his late teens he had already nurtured a voracious appetite for music, dance and painting. At just eighteen, Tito got his first tattoo and that experience opened up yet another artistic avenue for him to express his insatiable creativity.

Tito spent the next few years embarking on a journey of self-guided learning, soaking up everything he could about tattooing. Since then, he’s spent more than eight years working in the tattoo industry, honing his skills and developing his passion for inking.

Being a self-taught artist has afforded him the opportunity to explore all different areas of tattooing styles from watercolor to minimalism – and he did not stop at “exploring”. Tito mastered the art of taking a vision and bringing it to life.


That said, Tito loves working on pieces with utmost detail—the more intricate the better. One piece he’s particularly proud of is this stunning colour realistic peacock he did for a client who came down all the way from Montreal to get her first tattoo. In a lot of ways, this piece represents the passion and dedication Tito has for tattooing as an art form.


In his own words, “[I’m] looking forward to bringing beauty to life in all of the tattoos I produce.” All in all, Tito’s life philosophy is pretty straight forward: “I am just a simple guy…. I love to meet awesome people and do awesome work.”