Artist of the Month: Inshaan Ali

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At only 19 years old, Inshaan Ali began his journey as a tattoo artist. For the last eight years he’s been nurturing his talents, and just under two years ago, Inshaan joined the Black Line Studio family. Since then, he’s settled in quite nicely.

If you follow us on any of our social media platforms, you have probably seen the stunning geometric pieces that Inshaan has done for our clients. This style is among his top three favourites; the others are black and grey tattoos and as he puts it “pretty lady faces.”


If you’re at all familiar with his work, you will know that Inshaan is kind of a master of the script and there’s a good reason why. “I do love doing script,” he shared. “I can tell that there is such meaning behind the words that people choose to ink their body with, and I take pride that I can contribute to that meaning and bring it to life.”


And though he enjoys scripts, at the moment he says he has his sights set on perfecting another style. “I have pretty much gotten down script tattoos and they are now fairly easy for me to do, but geometric tattoos are more challenging and I love a challenge.”


With summer fast approaching, Inshaan has noticed a few things about the effects of seasonal changes on tattoo trends. He suggests that in the winter, folks are much more likely to get larger pieces completed so that they can show off their fully healed tattoo by summer time. Summer on the other hand, draws in people looking to get smaller pieces done, and this is the kind of stuff he admits he loves working on.


Right now, his focus is on tattoos that incorporate dots and lines. Single needle tattoos is a style he’s particularly fond of working in because of the challenge and high attention to detail they require. To scratch this itch, he has a few geometric projects coming up, including some geometric sleeve work.

Keep an eye on our Instagram account @blacklinestudio and Tattoo Toronto Facebook Page this summer to see progress pics of these projects and more.