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By Alan

Portrait tattoos are one of our regular and favourite styles of realism inking here at Black Line Studio. They challenge us and drive us to really hone our technical skills. These tattoos typically involve a human subject, and every once in a while, we are asked to create portraits that serve as tributes for beloved family pets. In traditional art, realism is often heralded as superior to most abstract art styles and has a long history of being regarded as a credible form in today’s industry.

Portraits serve as a way to immortalize the figures that have had a significant impact on someone’s life. They’re a simple yet meaningful way to show admiration and love for important people in our lives.

As artists, our job is to create faithful depictions, but there is a little more to it than that; we also intend to capture the very spirit of the subject as best we can. It is important for us to understand the emotional bond that will be captured in the tattoo. Having clients share stories and memories can help us make a real connection to the subject.


By Inshaan

In some cultures, portrait tattoos are believed to be windows or portals to the spirit of the person depicted, which likely explains why they are a common way of honouring family and friends who have passed. Having a portrait tattooed can be a cathartic experience, aiding people in the grieving process. It is an extremely sentimental decision that allows people to carry a physical memento of a loved one on their bodies forever.


by Bill

Portraits are typically inked using the fine line style. It’s a popular technique used for photorealistic tattoos and offers the most accuracy. An important thing to consider when you are looking to get a portrait is the picture your tattoo artist will work from. The better the photo quality, the easier it is for us, and the better your tattoo will look.


By Alan

As tattoo artists, it is extremely gratifying to take part in the creation of such a meaningful gift that each individual will carry with them forever.

If you are interested in a portrait tattoo, give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you (416) 850-8227.

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