Airbrush Tattoos: Don’t think before you ink? Airbrush tattoos may be for you!


At Black Line Studio, we pride ourselves on being a tattoo studio capable of providing the latest styles and technologies that the tattoo industry has to offer. Airbrush tattoos are a fantastic combination of all three! We are one of the only tattoo studios to provide airbrushing services.

Okay, but what is an airbrush tattoo?

Airbrush tattoos are high-tech temporary tattoos. Our airbrush artist, Kevin, uses temporary inks and an airbrush machine to apply a design of choice to the skin. Airbrush inking is a great way to test run your ideas prior to making a tattoo design permanent.

Airbrush tattooing is comparable to spray painting. The airbrush paint is sprayed through a stencil of the desired design.

I’m not good with pain. Does it hurt?

Not at all! An airbrush tattoo is not painful. While tattooing utilizes needles to embed ink beneath the surface of the skin, airbrushing is only applied atop the skin.

How long will the tattoo last?

You can expect an airbrush tattoo to last anywhere between 2 to 7 days, but we have seen some people get away with 5 to 10 days. It is a unique way to accessorize for summer events like weddings, art festivals, and concerts.

You have convinced me! How do I get one?

At Black Line Studio, Kevin, our airbrush artist extraordinaire, can help you with any questions and requests you may have. Experimenting with techniques and designs is one of his favourite things about airbrush tattooing. Kevin offers a broad range of stencils and ink colours, and will do his absolute best to make your vision a reality. He is more than happy to walk you through the entire process, discuss potential ideas, and answer any questions you might have!

You can call the studio at (416-850-8227) to connect with him, or better yet, come down to our location at 573 King St. West on the 2nd Floor.