Give It The TLC It Deserves

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You have thought about it for what seems like a decade. You have spent sleepless nights researching the design and best artist. All of your friends may have even told you that you would be too chicken to actually get it done; but you finally did it! Now, it’s yours forever! With the proper care and attention, your tattoo can look new for many years to come.


We like to think of tattoos as an investment or a new child – whatever hits home with you. Just like a new car, home or baby, you will want to care for your new piece with extra love and attention.


There are varied opinions on after-care, and the protocols range from studio to studio. As part of Black Line’s customer-satisfaction practice, we offer free touch-ups within the first year. Seeing fewer customers return for touch-ups has been proof of our effective aftercare system.

Our exclusive process came to fruition after many years of research, trials and assessments. We are proud to say that we have it down pat and as a result, we have witnessed fully satisfied customers and fewer touch-ups.

So this is how it goes.

Your tattooist will bandage their newest masterpiece before you leave the shop. Keep the bandage on for a minimum of four hours. If your tattoo, for example, has finished as late as 10pm, feel free to keep it bandaged overnight and remove it in the morning.


Once you’re ready to take off the bandage, thoroughly wash your hands and carefully remove it.

Next up: Trisan. “We offer [Trisan], a skin cleanser that was originally used on third-degree burns,” says Bill Read, tattooist at Black Line Studio. “It’s made by a pharmaceutical company from Montreal and does fantastic, fantastic things.”

Wash your tattoo, rinse it and then gently pat it dry with a clean towel or paper towel, or just let it air dry.

Reach for some Vitamin E-rich ointment (“not cream — ointment,”) and moisturize the area before wrapping the tattoo in plastic wrap. Webber Vitamin E is available at Black Line Studio – which serves to heal and better moisturize than other water-based, non-scented moisturizers.

*Repeat this process every four to six hours for the next three days, at which time, you may leave the tattoo exposed and continue to clean once a day with Trisan.

You will want to avoid excessively moisturizing or washing the area. Refrain from going swimming, sitting in hot tubs, saunas or baths until fully healed. Do not expose your tattoo to dust, sand, pet-hair and sun. Do not scratch or pick your new tattoo; that is not only gross, it will likely bleed and then cause infection.

Just remember, your tattoo is your new darling! Tender love and care is what it needs… and maybe another tattoo to accompany it!

If you have any questions regarding your tattoo’s after-care, please do not hesitate to contact us directly 416-850-8227.