A few crazy Tattoo-Related Stories

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The man who got a tattoo on his penis to win a car

A German man didn't have to hand over a dime for a new car, but he did have to pay in ink.

Andreas Mueller won a silver Mini Cooper by pulling off the craziest stunt during a radio show contest by getting a tattoo of the word 'MINI' on his penis. Radio listeners heard Muller shriek as he received the tatty on his man part while a female host watched. "Once I'm sitting in the car, it won't matter anymore," said Mueller, 39.

The mother who got tattooed with son's ashes

Grieving mum Kim Mordue will carry a part of her tragic son with her for ever – after having tattoos made from his ashes. The 50-year-old mixed the remains with ink to create these designs on her body as a lasting tribute to Lloyd Evans who died three years ago. Kim, of Llanelli, Dyfed, was heartbroken when Lloyd, 24, died on a night out after taking party drug GHB. The tattoos, a cabala tree, an angel releasing a butterfly and a poem dedicated to her son, were drawn by Kim's husband David who runs his own parlour. Kim also hopes they will highlight the dangers of drugs.

The man who became a human billboard with corporate tattoos

Billy Gibby, aka "The Human Billboard", is going for a Guinness World Record for the most corporate logos tattooed on a human body. He sponsors his boxing career this way, so he can fight to raise money to help support the cause of organ donation. The fighter recently legally changed his name to Hostgator Dotcom as part of a promotion for Web hosting company HostGator.com.

Since his first stunt for Goldenpalace.com, Billy has collected 26 more tattoos from corporate sponsors, including Liberty Tax Service, Host Gator, Grown Up Geek, Cam4 and a slew of adult sites.

The thief who got caught for having his own name and birth date tattooed on his neck

Police did not have to lift a finger to identify this thief after he broke into a car specially rigged with cameras - because he had a huge tattoo revealing his name and date of birth.

Aaron Evans, 21, was filmed breaking into the Peugeot 106 in an NCP car park before making off with a stolen sat-nav device. Not only had he failed to spot the covert camera filming his every move but he had the vital information 'Evans 19.9.87' boldly tattooed on his neck. Evans was jailed for seven months.