Tattoos Every Summer-Lover Needs

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The sun is out, temperatures are rising, and the bikinis are appearing in force—it’s Summer! Summer means shorts, tank tops, and tattoos!

Summer is a great time to display your collection of ink loud and proud for all to see. The lighter, shorter clothes and time spent in bathing suits allows you to use tattoos as an accessory, bringing attention to certain body attributes or key designs that ...

So You Want to Be a Tattoo Artist?

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If you’ve ever spent any time talking to a tattoo artist, they’ll all pretty much say the same thing... it’s not really “work” to them. They get to listen to music, hang out with all kinds of different people, and draw all day—and get paid for it! I mean, really...does it get any better than that?

That’s not to say the job is a ...

Decorating the Body - Now and Then


The concept of decorating one’s body for one purpose or another has been around for as long as history can be documented. The earliest proven tattoo to date currently reaches as far back as 3,300 BCE. Humans have long sought new and inventive ways of expressing themselves through body modifications and indelible art—but for some, they looked for alternative methods which were perhaps less permanent.

How it ...

Martynas Šniok - Quick Stint on the Black Line Studio Team


Contemporary Tattooing takes on an entirely different shape when in the hands of Martynas Šnioka. The Lithuanian native has been slinging ink out of the Vilnius shop, Angis Tattoo, but his style is recognized across the industry—leading to many guest artist spots across the world.

Šnioka’s style is distinct. He combines the most popular genres of tattoos in today’s society into a unique blend that is all ...

Fade it Down, Cover it Up

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When it comes to covering up old or unwanted ink, there is a unique process that has started to gain favour in the tattoo industry. It used to be that when you wanted to cover up a piece of previous ink, you had to go darker, larger, and bolder. Tattoo cover ups were bulky, obvious, and generally unsightly.

Those days are gone.

Cover up tattoos have come in leaps and ...

Get to the Point - How to Choose Your Piercer

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You’ve decided to get that nose piercing you’ve always wanted. So what do you do? Working up the courage to do it is half the battle, right? All that’s left to do now is walk into the local tattoo and body art shop and pay the guy behind the counter. How bad can it go?

Well, for the sake of your lunch that you may or may not have just ...

Caring For Your Ink

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Tattoos aren’t cheap. At least, good tattoos aren’t cheap. They’re a piece of art that is to be cherished, admired. So it should come as no surprise that you need to care for them as such. Regardless of how amazing your tattoo artist is, your piece doesn’t stand a chance if you don’t take proper care of it. Here’s how...

When you leave the ...

Inked Pride - Be Proud of Your Shop: How To Choose Your Tattoo Shop

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Getting ready to get some new ink? Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned pro at going under the needles, deciding on a tattoo shop is one of the first steps in the process of securing some new body art. This is a decision you need to be confident in. You need to be comfortable in the shop; assured that the shop meets health and safety standards and ...

Are Tattooed Parents Negatively Influencing Their Kids Today?


Don’t fall for the hype; individuals with tattoos are not criminal or inherently incapable of being able to raise a child to the best of their ability due to the particularly powerful stereotypes surrounding parents with tattoos. Tattooed parents are those who have dared and acted upon going against the grain and the conventional external appearance that close-minded individuals have tied toward the almighty parenting role.

Consulting with a ...

Contest Alert: Get Airbrushed for Halloween!


A little taste of primo airbrushing skills from BLS.

This year for Halloween, we have a very special treat to get you ready for a night of spooky fun. Black Line Studio is running a Halloween Airbrush Contest! If you follow us on social media, you will get the chance to enter to win a free airbrush session with Kevin, our incredibly talented airbrush artist. Make this the year you ...