7 Questions to Ask Before Undergoing Laser Tattoo Removal

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Are you considering undergoing laser tattoo removal, but not sure what you're getting into? Read on to learn 7 questions you should ask beforehand.

Tattoos are a beautiful way to express your personality and what's important to you. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to telling everyone your story through body art.

But what happens when its time to move on and get rid of a tattoo that no longer fits your life? It could be an ex-partner's name or something that no longer makes you happy.

Thankfully, laser tattoo removal is an option. You'll go back to your old look and get rid of any unhappy memories associated with your tattoo.

Discover what seven questions are the most important to ask when getting rid of your body art and looking for help in getting your tattoo removed.

The Price Isn't Always Right, So Check First

Individuals who perform laser tattoo removal don't charge the same price across the board. Price varies based on factors such as:


    • How big the tattoo is


    • Location of the doctor doing the work


    • Number of years of experience


    • If the tattoo is in a difficult area to work on


If you only have a certain dollar amount to work with, make sure you talk to a few artists who have skills related to tattoo removal.

Try to gage prices, and keep in mind depending on the work needed, there might not be much wiggle room.

Testimonials First: Learning about Others' Experiences

After pricing, it's important to seek an artist who can provide you with the credibility of their skills. Before you commit to any individual, get testimonials or references from individuals who've had work done with this person.

Find out the answers to questions such as:


    • Did you feel comfortable


    • Was this person honest with you


    • Were they skilled/how much experience do they have


    • Would you suggest them to anyone else


Talking with others who have gone through the process helps since you can find out what to expect. It gives you an idea of how to approach the artist, and what you can expect for tattoo removal procedures.

The Amount of Sessions Varies Based on Type of Laser Tattoo Removal

It's nice to get something done in one sitting and not have to deal with it anymore. Tattoos are not always one of those things that can be accomplished in one or even two sessions.

When it comes to what most folks wish they knew before getting tattoo removal, understanding how many sessions are required was one of them. The average amount of sessions are between six and ten for a tattoo getting fully removed.

Make sure you understand how many sessions you'll need and how much each one costs before you commit to anything. You'll avoid unwanted surprises and have a realistic expectation of what's going to happen during your sessions.

Pain: It Varies by Person

If you've gotten a tattoo, you know that pain is part of the process when it comes to getting ink on your body. It's important to note that just because you got your tattoo with little pain doesn't mean removal is equally as painless.

Doctors and artists sometimes offer numbing options depending on the treatments and where the removal occurs. Among the options for pain management include:


    • Cold air treatments


    • Numbing creams


    • Injections


    • Ice packs


Talk with the doctor or artist helping you and find out what's available to you. Chances are if your tattoo hurt when it was done initially, removal is the same.

Find Out Any Expected Scarring

When going through laser tattoo removal, some scarring is normal. If you experience scabbing and scratch or pick them, scarring occurs.

The best practice is to talk with the artist or doctor doing the work. Ask what they advise to keep your newly removed tattoo in the best condition possible.

Using a cream, covering the area, and keeping it moisturized are all common ways to avoid scarring and other problems.

If scarring isn't avoidable, discuss what your treatment options are for removing the scars. You might have the option to minimize their appearance even if the surgery doesn't turn out the way you expected.

Revising a Tattoo Is an Option

For folks who want to slightly alter or salvage a tattoo instead of removing it, there are options. Some people might like their tattoo, but want it altered to look different or even cover something else up.

For those that aren't entirely unhappy with their current tattoo, this is an option that allows them to possibly save money and have a different look.

It's important to talk with a tattoo artist experienced in tattoo revisions. Not all tattoos have the possibility for revision and some are more expensive than a laser tattoo removal.

Plan out what type of design or changes you think would work. See what choices you have before committing to anything.

Learn What Side Effects to Expect

Just as you had side effects with your tattoo, laser tattoo removal is a similar process. Possible effects include:


    • Scarring


    • Burns


    • Extreme darkening or lightening of the skin, known as hyper-pigmentation


If you want your tattoo removed, don't let these options scare you away from the look you're going for.

With proper care and time, you'll have the chance to minimize side effects and have your skin looking like normal again.

Follow all directions your doctor or artist gives you after having a removal done. It's important for skin to heal to avoid future scarring and marks.

Get Expert Help

If your tattoo just isn't you anymore, don't feel stuck with a design you don't like. Reach out to us, and see how our laser tattoo removal can get rid of something that isn't you anymore.

Contact us so we can discuss the process and what steps you'll need to take to your removal treatment. From getting a brand new look to your old skin back, we'll help you whatever your needs are.