5 Tattoo Mistakes

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When it comes to getting a tattoo there are a lot of mistakes that one can make. Some people just do not realize that tattoos are forever and you shouldn’t just go out and get one on a whim. Getting a tattoo is something that should be thoroughly thought about and rethought about. After all you can not wake up one morning and just decide you don’t want it, it is there to stay and there isn’t anything you can do about it.

Below are 5 tattoo mistakes that a lot of people make:

1. The number one tattoo mistake that numerous people make and will continue to make because people just do not seem to get this concept. Absolutely DO NOT get a tattoo of some lover’s name no matter how much you are in love with them. As soon as you get it the relationship will be cursed and you can kiss your relationship good-bye and have your tattoo to remind you of it.

2. The second mistake that people make is more than likely on purpose. But there are a lot of people out there that are victims to misspelled tattoos. To ensure this does not happen to you and you are getting a text tattoo follow these simple tips, give artist a quick spelling test, try writing the text on your head in marker to help out and avoid the cheapest tattoo artist – you get what you pay for.

3. The third mistake is when people are trying to be funny and illegally misuse a body part. For example when someone uses their belly button to be the rear end of a animal it’s not funny, it is gross.

4. The forth mistake people make is when they got out on a whim and get a tattoo. Impulse tattoos are never good and nine times out of ten end up in a regret. Think your design through and make sure you can live with it. Don’t be too childish or overly extravagant when picking out your tattoo design.

5. The fifth mistake is made when someone gets a portrait tattoo and the tattoo turns out to look like something out of a horror movie. It take a special artist to be able to draw people on your skin. Do your research and ask to see previous portrait work. You don’t want to be stuck with a ghoulish tattoo of a loved one on your body.