Everything You Need to Know About Your Minimalist Tattoo


What is a Minimalist Tattoo? How Many Kinds Are There?

Minimalist tattoos are simple and elegant designs that are often composed of crisp lines, negative space, and limited color palettes, creating a clear and clean tattoo that can hold a lot of hidden meaning. As with any other art form, there is a wide range of styles and techniques that can be used to create a minimalist tattoo.

Common styles ...

Tattoo Risks and Side Effects


More people are choosing to get tattoos than ever before, with statistics showing that around 40% of young adults have at least one tattoo of someone on their bodies.

And it's easy to see why tattoos are proving so popular; they're seen by many as a unique form of expression, allowing individuals to share parts of their personality, honor loved ones, or express something important to them in ...

The Black Line Crow


Tattooing tells a deeply personal artistic story. Since 2006, Black Line Studio has developed a reputation amongst the who’s who in Toronto when it comes to innovative high-quality body art. Their team of Tattoo Artists and Tattoo Masters are considered the top in their field, and they proudly offer a diverse range of artistic styles. The studio offers a wide range flash tattoos for you to choose from, but of ...

Top 30 Tattoo Styles of All Time


From all over the world and throughout thousands of years, tattoos have always been a way to represent our thoughts, emotions and identities through art. Whether it was tied to religion, culture, community, family or important events, it has never ceased to be recreated with new and innovative styles from the time of ancient Egyptians to medieval branding of prisoners to the hip culture phenomenon of today.


1. Classic ...

The History of Tattoos


Although tattoos are generally associated in our time as symbols of modern renegade culture, this artwork actually traces its origins back thousands of years. The practice of tattooing an individual varied between cultures but often were representations of either a specific person or object or contrarily symbolic in meaning.

 The first traces of confirmed evidence we find for the “first tattoo in history” trace their origins back more than 5000 ...

27 Cool Tattoo Ideas for Men in 2021


The idea of getting a tattoo has crossed your mind before; lately, it’s gotten a lot of serious thought. You’re ready to take the plunge, but you’re not sure what sort of tattoo would be right for you. Fortunately, there are all sorts of tattoo ideas for men that are worth looking into. Along with consulting with an artist, consider some of these ideas. One of them may be just ...

Realism Tattoos: What They Are And Why You Would Want to Consider Them


Tattoos are wonderful ways to express yourself artistically. Using your body as a canvas, it’s possible to give expression to all sorts of feelings and ideas. From honoring someone you love to supporting a cause to displaying an emblem of something that matters to you, the possibilities are endless.

Along with bringing something that’s in your head alive by capturing it in a tattoo design, there’s also the possibility of ...

How to pick a tattoo artist


So you want to get a tattoo but you're not too sure where to start. Getting your first tattoo can feel like a daunting task if you don't know where to begin. Even if you already have tattoos, sometimes your go-to artist isn't available any longer and you may be in the same boat. To help out we've put together a quick guide to help you ...

The best way to get a tattoo removed

Did your best friend want to try to tattoo you for fun so you said "sure, why not?!" 
Did getting a tattoo after a pub crawl while backpacking across South East Asia, in your early 20's, seem like a great idea at the time?
Did you really want a tattoo but you may have substituted artist quality for a better price, and now you're stuck ...

Why Winter is the best time of year to get a tattoo!


We all love when Spring and Summer arrive. It’s hot out, we can rock shorts, tank tops and bathing suits! Finally getting a chance to show off a little bit more skin after being wrapped up all winter.

We also love getting tattoos in the Spring and Summer. Ask any tattoo studio owner and they’ll tell you these are their busiest months. And I mean, who doesn’t love the idea of ...