Nipple Piercing 101


Piercings are a unique type of body decoration, in that there are so many types of piercings that you can get across your body. Some of these piercings, like nose piercings or ear piercings, are more widely accepted and understood. There are also those that are a bit more controversial, such as nipple piercing.

If you’re interested in getting a nipple piercing, dispelling the myths and misconceptions surrounding nipple ...

Everything You Need to Know About Septum Piercings


Getting anything on your body pierced for the first time can be both exhilarating and come with some hesitation, as you’ve yet to experience the process. Fortunately, you can always feel more at ease about the experience by doing a little research before even setting foot in the shop.

When it comes to septum piercings, you may have many questions. What is a septum piercing? What should you expect ...

Tattoos & Crafting the Perfect Body


Your body is your canvas. While you can't change the skin you came in, you can use a permanent art form to mark it with your own beliefs and experiences. It's possible to "craft" the perfect body using ink, as long as it represents who you are.

People get tattoos for a myriad of reasons. Some of them proudly flaunt their tattoos as "war scars," while others consider ...

How to Properly Measure Your Body Jewelry


Expressing ourselves as a way to show our individuality and set ourselves apart from others has been part of the human experience since the dawn of time. Whether through painting, writing, singing, dancing, or some other creative outlet, expressing yourself is vital to living a happy life.

In the same vein, jewelry is one of the oldest and most universal forms of self-expression.

All over the world and throughout history ...

18 Meaningful Tattoos to Inspire Creative and Powerful Self Expression


Meaningful tattoos are a deeply personal method of self-expression.

Tattoos have fascinated us for thousands of years, and often have great significance culturally, spiritually, or individually.

Standing The Test of Time

Personal art is permanent, but meanings and perceptions evolve over time, bringing new significance to your unique creation.

For truly rewarding body art, don’t make your choice lightly.

  • Choose the right area. You wouldn’t hang the Mona Lisa in ...

Best Hypoallergenic Metals for Your Dream Jewelry


Whether you are looking for a stunning statement piece or an everyday piece of jewelry, having that perfect piece to pull together an outfit is an essential part of getting out of the house.

However, not everyone can wear every type of jewellery. It should therefore come as no surprise that many leading jewellers are choosing to create stunning pieces that are hypoallergenic.

What Exactly Does Hypoallergenic Mean?

Hypoallergenic is ...

Hottest Jewelry Trends of 2022


As we start to return to normal after a few years of lockdown, masks, and working from home, jewelry continues to be a sparkle that everyone can get behind. We have seen some genuinely unique trends emerge over the past few years, and whether it is through Instagram, celebrities, or wanting to reconnect with our past, jewelry can certainly make a statement.

Let us start with a look back at ...

Everything You Need to Know About Your Minimalist Tattoo


What is a Minimalist Tattoo? How Many Kinds Are There?

Minimalist tattoos are simple and elegant designs that are often composed of crisp lines, negative space, and limited color palettes, creating a clear and clean tattoo that can hold a lot of hidden meaning. As with any other art form, there is a wide range of styles and techniques that can be used to create a minimalist tattoo.

Common styles ...

Tattoo Risks and Side Effects


More people are choosing to get tattoos than ever before, with statistics showing that around 40% of young adults have at least one tattoo of someone on their bodies.

And it's easy to see why tattoos are proving so popular; they're seen by many as a unique form of expression, allowing individuals to share parts of their personality, honor loved ones, or express something important to them in ...

The Black Line Crow


Tattooing tells a deeply personal artistic story. Since 2006, Black Line Studio has developed a reputation amongst the who’s who in Toronto when it comes to innovative high-quality body art. Their team of Tattoo Artists and Tattoo Masters are considered the top in their field, and they proudly offer a diverse range of artistic styles. The studio offers a wide range flash tattoos for you to choose from, but of ...